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  1. ive tried it just now, and sadly its still the same. Btw thanks for lending me your time. i hope we can solve this asap. Thanks
  2. This is my speed now. i can accept my slow speed, but what i cant accept is that im always disconnected and i cant play my online game.
  3. Ah thanks ive tried the css but unfortunately it doenst work for me, i think it slowed down my connection. i cant restore my pc to the time before rf was installed because i disabled my system restore. Thanks is there anything i can do?
  4. Hello sir coolbuster, its been a while since i post here cause im satisfied with my speed back then after i followed your tweaks my usual speeds is 300 kbps im ok with that coz i can play ragnarok with that speed but now im always experiencing disconnections. i have nod32 as antivirus and adaware for antispyware. I think this happen when i installed a game RF online, i dont know if its coincidence or something but i uninstalled that game and still the problem continues. i hope you can help me thanks a lot.
  5. The internet speed is good sometimes and then it will slow down or disconnect for a moment then after 1 minute its back again. I have scanned for virus using nod32 and adaware, and it did not detect anything. im using windows xp service pack 2. Someone please help me im really exhausted of my connection. i cant play my online games now. Thanks for reading
  6. @just- i dont think there's something new with antenna and tower, and i didnt change any settings for a long time since i am satisfied with my speed then.
  7. Hello everyone, its been a long time since i last visited here, thats because ive been satisfied of my smartbro connection(Plan 999 384kbps), but nowadays my connection is too crappy, ive been experiencing disconnections every 5-15 minutes, the internet will be gone for 5 seconds and then it will be back again, its so annoying because im playing an online game and im always disconnected. Please help me with my problem thanks.
  8. i didnt report, and i will not report it because they will know that im trying to tweak my canopy, btw i reported to my slow connection to smart and the customer care called me last day, he told me theres nothing wrong with their base station, he said the problem could be in my browser , if that is so, why is my connection fast in the morning . my speedtest in the morning. and anyone knows how to make my online gaming connection faster?
  9. Another qusetion please, is it possible that i can open another canopy address, because this canopy that i have opened has another name of another subscriber and another account number.
  10. This is my speed 11:30 am sob its too slow im very laggy, i cant move on the Online game im playing (ragnarok) , anyone knows how to make my online gaming connection faster?
  11. Ah here is my speed 6:36am in the morning. ill try to post my speed later in the afternoon thanks.
  12. Wow, thanks coolbuster2007 for the quick response, i can access it now thanks, but which settings will i have to change? here are the screenshots of my canopy. thanks a lot.
  13. Can i ask who knows how to get the serial number of a canopy without climbing the rooftop, or is there a software that can tell your canopy ip address or something? thanks.
  14. This is my speed in the morning, i think this is because there are only few users connected by this time, my problem could be our base station is too crowded in the afternoon Try the 20 steps its really helpful there's nothing to lose. Thanks again to TMN and all the users here.
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