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Raised in Genoa Ark. during high school, I had grown to much like playing guitar, you know Skidrow, G&R, Jimmie,, But then, out of a truck on a party hill we called fire tour, came this heavy grunge sounding band named Pantera. This would totally change my feel, riffs, and give new meaning to, can't waite to get home and play. Being as it may, in 1991, I moved to little Rock Ark, with my father, hoping to find a band that could feel it like I could. Do you know that no one played heavy metal? yep, very few. My cousin Grady Earls, who is a bad ass guitarist, and I jammed every day,,, no job,,, you know the story. We ran into David Chastine, a bass player who heard us, and thought hmmmm. He introduced us to Eddie Dorrelle, the freaky drummer who to this day the baddest drummer to ever play with and we started "Gut Wrench." No where to play, that died out. No one one wanted to play the heavy scene, so I took advantage of all the talent around me and learned to play the drums from Eddie, The bass from Chastain, and "Little" Al from Mistreater give me the running the sound board down low. Since I have established a unique sound, that's heavy, but smooth, with vocals that tell a personal experience and actually relating, but yet still hangs on to the blues and country that I also love. To date I am hoping just to be a song writer, seeing how I'm about ten years late, but hopefully, something in this music touches someone so deep, they want to make me rich!!!!! Thanks for your ears....

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