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  1. Seems the consensus is a switch. That's great because it's cheaper than a router, but are there security issues using a router to share the DW6000 connection when file sharing is enabled between the host and client? That was the consideration when I was thinking about a router and hardware firewall protection. Any additional thoughts on how safe I'll be using a switch to share files and a Direcway connection between my host and client pc's. Much appreciation to everyone for their comments here!
  2. Since I've given up on trying to share DirecWay on a P2P network, I am wondering what's the best way to setup a home network to share DWay. I have 2 PC's (XP - host; Win98SE - client) that I'd like to setup on a wired network. I'm currently running DWay into my XP host's NIC and sharing files with the client through a Netgear USB/Ethernet adapter and crossover cable. Can I setup a wired network to share DWay with a hub or do I need a router? I'm considering a Linksys Etherfast router. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I typed the 6000 IP ( in the browser of the Win98 machine when the host and client connections were bridged and got nothing. Just need further direction on how to check proxy settings on XP and Win98 machines to make sure they match. Sorry I'm being dense about this. Brain isn't working right
  4. I bridged network connections and lost access to the drives on client. Although, the bridge and both network connections were still showing as connected in "Network Connections" on the XP PC.
  5. I'm using a crossover cable to link my host PC (XP) with a client (Win98SE). Didn't want to use a router since my network consists of just 2 PC's, The crossover is connected to the host through a Netgear FA120 USB Fast Ethernet Adaptor, with the DW6000 connected to a NIC. Crossover connects into the Win98SE client through a NIC. I can't get an internet connection on the Win98SE PC. Any suggestions on how to make ICS work? Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi guys. This is a great site for the DWay novices. I just ordered DWay last week and it was installed over the weekend. Boy am I disappointed! Through the weekend, my dial-up was running better than DWay. The main reason I got DWay was to stream high quality audio from the 'net. I can't listen to anything without it rebuffering every minute. Napster doesn't work either, as I can't stream audio from its site. Any chance I can get out of this mess with just the activation and install charges, or do I get stuck with a big payoff for cancelling in the first 30 days. This is already proving to be an expensive mistake. I just wonder if I can still get out before I'm stuck with a 15 mo. commitment.
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