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  1. Hey guys, That worked great. I applied the updates, and at first it did not work. But after a little waiting and rebooting, all is good. Now, here
  2. Great advice. I appreciate all the suggestions. Here
  3. Ok, So I removed the DHCP setting and rebooted (everything) a few times. The router seems to be holding on to the setting (even though the setup screen says it is off). I know this because on my client, the ipconfig says no IP address assigned and has the wireless routher DHCP address. My next step is to assign a new ip to the router that is in the range of my direcway assigned static ip and see if the client needs some assigned IPs also. However, will need to actually do some work today, so I will try it tonight. Let me know if this sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the reply...
  4. Hello All, New to this forum, so here it goes. Just installed the DW6000 Business Plan Static IP Satellite. Seems to work fine with my laptop connected directly or through a switch. Then I purchased a linksys wireless router hoping to make a network for the locals. Setup the router to have static ip as defined from the dw6000. The wireless machines access the linksys fine. And I can get a client to ping the dw6000 router. However, internet browsing is not possible. Not sure whether to have DHCP enabled or not, but again the local networking is working. All the clients are XP but not sp2. I read others having this problem, and they were told to turn the wireless into a dumb switch. I think I should be able to keep it running. Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks
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