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  1. im looking for a site that runs upload speed tests but with big files id say 20mb or larger, the reason im looking for this is because i have the 12mb/2mb comcast service right now and ofcourse that comes with the powerboost but for small files it does not let you know what your true speed is. You need to upload larger file to find out your true speed in this case and when I upload these 3meg tests here i consistantly get over 4mbit readings for my upload and im thinking thats not my true speed so id like a bigger test
  2. ok i should have the 12/2 comcast tier speed now the dowload tests always match up but i get abnormally high upload speeds with upload speed tests. Now as you may know with fairly small sized speed tests the results can be a bit untrue due to powerboost so you may need a larger sized file to find your true speed so all the upload speed tests i take are fairly small including testmy i get readings of 5mbit all the way to 11mbit upload speeds which is crazy even for powerboost at my tier. So does anyone know of a upload speed test site that tests uploads of 20mb and larger so i can see what my true upload is?
  3. i have seen on the internet recently that some people are saying their comcast internet 6mbps down/384kb up package has had their upload speed increased to 768kb is this true? and if so why might i now have that upload speed yet?
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