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  1. Thanks for the quick response. The line going to the modem goes to the electrical box on the side of my house and feeds into this metal clip which immediately feeds into another line which goes up the side of the house. So it's not split, but I would assume that a line directly from the tap straight to the modem would be better. So as for the premium channels, there's no box that can access the additional channels without a subscription? I would check my modem's status but I'm not at home right now. About the signal to noise ratios, what are the determining factors for this? Additionally is there any differences between brands of coaxial cable? Thanks again.
  2. I have a few questions but first here is what I am using to connect to the internet: Comcast 4000/384 package D-Link DCM-202 modem Questions: Which cable modem is generally accepted as fastest? Will a signal booster help the quality of the line? Is there anyway to get HBO/Cinemax/Stars (premium channels) without paying if you have basic cable? Is a small cut in the line from the tap to the house detrimental to the signal? Thanks for reading.
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