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  1. Thanks a lot... I had figured that I could compare with the host stats section, I just wanted to know if it was an issue that had already happened... Again, thanks
  2. Hi! I am pretty new to broadband, I have had it only for 1 full week now. I am on DSL with sympatico.ca, and want to test my download speed. The test runs fine, but when the results are displayed, the script tells me my host is something like 132.276 or any weird IP adress not related to sympatico.ca I have observed, though, that this only happens when the other computer on my home LAN, which runs XP with S.P. 2, is running. When it is not running, the script on the page correctly detects that my I.S.P. is sympatico.ca. Does anyone have an idea of why does this happen?
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