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  1. Hello again, I had tested with Speedtest just before I read your note. I got .79 Mb/s download and .82 Mb/s upload. I was fairly happy with that. Using your primus link I got 1249 kb/s download and 1688 kb/s upload. If this continues I will be happy. I do have a 1.5 Mb/s service (nominally) and I am, indeed in Canada, just outside of Ottawa. I expect it is sheer coincidence but my more recent (since I started whining here) speeds I have measured are significantly better than earlier!! Thanks also to zalternate for the information about the throttling. If my service reduced to only about 1/3 of the rated maximum I would be very happy. It is very often much slower than that. I never download music or movies but do send and receive photographs and short videos quite often. It seems that I must either accept what I get or try and find another supplier. Thanks for the advice. Alan C
  2. OK. I guess naming names is OK. Xplornet is my ISP. I must say that I have been very pleased with their responses, just not so much the results so far. Some tests I did his morning using speedtest (Oops!) 3:55 18 Apr 10 Normal start Ping 84ms. Down .13Mb/s Up .43 Mb/s Speedtest 9:19 19 Apr 10 Normal start Ping 76 ms: Down .12 Mb/s; Up .32 Mb/s Speedtest 9:31 19 Apr 10 Antenna reset Ping 611 ms: Down .27 Mb/s; Up .29 Mb/s Speedtest 9:40 19 Apr 10 Safe Start Ping 60 ms: Down .45 Mb/s; Up .37 Mb/s Speedtest 9:45 19 Apr 10 Normal start Ping 85 ms: Down 1.1 Mb/s; Up .23 Mb/s A recent test using testmynet : Testmy.net 12:46 16 Apr 10 Normal start Down, 1.2 Mb/s; Up .311 Mb/s The 1 plus Mb/s are much less common than shown above. .2 to .7 is what I usually get.
  3. Hi Folks, I am new here although I have done many speed tests on my Wireless system. I get a wide range of speeds but I think they are too low too often. I have little idea of what range I could reasonably expect. I have a good Dell Desk top running Vista Home Premium. My ISP (can I name it here?) provides me, and charges me, a service rated at up to 1.5 Mb/s. Most of my tests show around .2 to .6 Mb/s download speed. Very rarely do I see over 1Mb/s. Upload is usually about half the download speed as seems reasonable. The customer service is good and they have tried hard to assist me. They agree, a bit reluctantly, that my speeds seem a bit on the low side but usually suggest I have a computer problem. I have tried resetting the antenna (unplugging the power for about 5 minutes); starting the computer in Safe Mode with Networking and restarting the computer. I have also removed the router from the system. Sometimes a subsequent test does show an improvement but it never stays high for more than about 30 minutes and I have not found any consistency in the changes. I think this is very bad and have even, briefly, considered reverting to dial-up. I would appreciate some idea of what ranges of speeds other Wireless Internet users get and how often the speed changes significantly. Maybe I need to go shopping for other providers. Thanks Alan C
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