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  1. Thanks and salamat to those who replied. I may be missing it, but I don't see what I'm looking for in the suggestions. Here's a rough idea of what I hope to see: [table][tr][td] Application Kbps Up Kbps Down Microsoft Update 2 64 Winamp 16 128 Folding at Home 64 4 [/table] Bars instead of numbers would be OK. Some sort of update interval for the display is probably necessary, like update once every 30 seconds. A lot of applications show total traffic but don't brea
  2. Is there an easy to use network monitoring program that'll show how much bandwidth is consumed by each process/program that accesses the internet from my humble PC? I don't want to do 2 years of post-doctoral research in telecomm engineering to figure out how many KBytes/sec or packets/sec each process/program is sending/receiving. Thanks in advance.
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