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  1. No.. see it is a crappy game that uses the FSO software. the name is terraworld and I just need to get on to tell some people I've known on the game for 5 years about some stuff going on. I am still ip banned for the website and the game after i did what you told me to do. -Thor
  2. No could it be my DNS server and my subnet mask that is banned? Just help me thru this. -Thor
  3. okay i did that it all worked and everything but it still wont let me pass my ip ban. You know what games/and forums ban when it comes to the ip ban? My MAC(pys adress) has been changed now. Still banned. -Thor
  4. that sounds all hard and shit can you post it like for someone that only uses there computer for simple ass games and forums? Sorry but I am a bass player in a punk band not a full blown computer geek xD -Thor
  5. I figured lol.. I am bored lol.. anything fun to do late at night? -ThOr
  6. lol its cool friend. When you say mod you mean a member here or a program? I am what you call a weekend warrior computer geek. -Thor
  7. Why don't you try to help me out and I will bring my friends. -Thor
  8. Hey my ip was banned from an online game (I did nothing but how can i prove that lol!) and I've done the whole turn off your router for a day the whole start >Run >cmd >ipcongfig /release and waited like 24 hours. Nothing changes the ip. I use a wireless router also. Can someone help me out? -Thor
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