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  1. good day guys... if you may, i have two questions for the day. 1) anyone knows what "Error Code # 2a" means? This is the information SmartBro(ken) QuickFix Ver. 2.1 is giving me when I do the connection test. Nobody from Smart, either their cust care nor their contractors, is aware of what it means. 2) my basestation is still capped at 384Kpbs.is there any chance that i can get the speeds of MB, or CB, or FB? thaks in advance and again more power. here is my current speed as i post this one:
  2. that speed was courtesy of this forum... special mention to megabytes, frostbound and coolbuster... not necessarily in that order though. had my Smart Bro(ken) installed dec 23... average speed then up to jan 20 was just 60-65Kbps.... everyday phone calls to cust care of smart, 4 technical/contractors on-site visit, 2 internal smart technical on site visit, didn't help at all. cust care was saying its my antenna that's causing the slow speed while the contractors were saying it is the base station. i guess i have to thank smart for their incompetence for if not for that, i would not have found this forum. thanks guys for all the valuable help, and to think you are not even being paid by smart to do it. more power
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