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  1. I mean check the Mac address of the AP you're registered with.
  2. The solution, switch to another ISP If you're not contented with the current one, there's always the option to switch to another. And, chill.. everything can be done when you're relaxed
  3. Oh, no wonder, it's Earthlink. Are you using their software? The earthlink total access? If yes, I strongly recommend you uninstall it. It cause a lot of problem.
  4. That's one thing I am still trying to find out. Actually, I'm just experimenting when I noticed the word AP-DES when I typed the command, VER. One use of accessing the AP is if your speed is decreasing or the AP's jitter and/or RSSI is getting worst, reset the AP Once it boots up, it'll be fine again
  5. How to access your AP? 1. telnet to your canopy ip address 2. type arp -a 3. go to your web browser 4. go to your canopy web page 5. on the HOME page, check the Mac address 6. type arp -a 7. get the IP Address corresponding to the Mac address you got 8. telnet to that IP address 9. now you're in your AP. What to do? I don't know.. it't up to you. Maybe reboot the AP? LOL
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