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  1. hi to all..this is a reply from "coolbuster" hope this might help others too... thanks again CB ****************************************************************************** coolbuster Philippine Ambassador to TMN Expert * View Profile Personal Message (Online) Re: any ideas what to do?
  2. Hi everyone! am new here and just want to ask some ideas.javascript:void(0); oh so nerdly! I have a smartbro connection in our house here in cotabato, and be going to transfer in my aunt house in davao and will stay just a couple of months there..can i bring my smartbro canopy in davao? I called customer service of smartbro and they say i will have to pay for the transfer fee and a technical person will setup again.. is it possible for me to carry that canopy and install it in davao ? without hassling the smartbro technical person.is my settings be the same? or can i personally do a setup in my connection?javascript:void(0); wink give me some good advices pls.. thanks in advance!javascript:void(0); kiss
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