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  1. ive been searching for this set-up, but i dont remeber the last post so i did this.. can you please teach me how to work with this set-up. thanks 2 router connected to hub with 2 different isp
  2. the best word is, chopy i think hehehe.. like on-off on-off, well thanks for the reply. ill just wait to upgrade their connection, ill stick with index 2
  3. I have this two AP's, index 1: JITTER: 2 ~ 1 RSSI: 672 ~ 712 Average download is 600kpbs + index 2: JITTER: 4 ~ 8 RSSI: 390 ~ + Average download is 384kpbs + one thing is.. if i connected to index 1 my internet connection jump, like (patalon-talon) coz of air delay? but index 2 is more stable than 1 but low RSSI, i want to use index 1 for higher RSSI, can i fix the unstable connection using "spectrum analyzer" or "alignment" just to stable the connection? thanks index 2 is great but index 1 have a higer RSSI but its unstable
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