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  1. im sorry sir derek22x... btw.. good explanation and illustration.
  2. dont worry.. ganito rin nakukuha ko, normal lang yan if you are using a router over a smartbro connection.. a router actually has 2 ip adds.. 1 private (lan) ip, 1 public (wan) ip.. the private ip is the one starting with 192.168.x.x the public ip is the one visible sa internet like 125.60.x.x the thing is.. your router actually connects to another router in a smartbro base station.. thus the observation of your friend na parang 2 routers back to back. now is the lan ip of your router is the ip of base station router (im assuming t
  3. is it possible to setup an ftp server over smartbro connection? i have setup an ftp server on one of my pc's in my home local area network. i can ftp locally.. but when i try to access my ftp server remotely using the smartbro public ip.. i cant connect... is it true that smartbro uses only 1 public ip for many users? btw, the smartbro tech service is useless.. they know nothing.
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