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  1. Welcome to the site, 101237! (although I am not staff, I think I can welcome you here!) ) Oh, well it seems that you have some issues regarding your speed! First of all, go to the CableNut tweak main thread! You will find there in the first post all the links you need to download the CableNut 4.08 tweak program. Install it, and after that download the CableNut settings zip file...that file contains the css settings file which needs to be opened by the main program and its settings saved to the registry! In order for this to happen you need to find the correct css file for your ad
  2. Oh, thanks for the welcome, I do like the site, you know! Hmm...I seem to remember that I tried a css file with similar settings as that which you posted, but the thing is that the RWIN doesn`t match. The tweak test from dlsreports.com suggests that I ought to have my RWIN between 13.000-26.000...and your css file has it at around 130.000...so all in all I`m sort of puzzled here! Hehe, yeah, a speed test will come...I`m downloading a rather large file now (Naruto!) with few seeds, so I`m not too keen on restarting my pc and loose those few seeds I have...once it is done, the time f
  3. Hello there! First of all many many congrats for this awsome site...very nice job you`re doing! As to my doing here...I tried to tweak my internet speed, but I`m unable to find the really correct setup. I am running on XP with routerPPPoE with a DSL connection and 1024/512 Kps advertised speed. Could you help? Thanks for everything!
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