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  1. i use digiel plan999.and it sucks.dont switch.just follow the 20 steps to faster smart bro. to fix ur connection.
  2. Is There AnyTools That Can Help Speed Up My Internet? Im using now digitel.stil slow.
  3. Ops I Mean Anti Malware..Sory.Anyways Tnx For The Info.
  4. My Problem Is Not About Internet Now. My Internet Is Fine.Bt My MSN Msger Or Windows Live Msger Is Not OK.I Cant Login My Account.Always Error On IE's Offline Setting... Has No Check When Troubleshooting.I Dnt Know Wat To Do.Pls Anyone Can Help Me.Tnx.
  5. Waw tnx.wat kind of malware u suggest to install to my pc?pls tel me..
  6. Waw.I Just Reformat My Pc Again Then My Internet It Kinda Back To Normal.Tnx Again For Helping And Teaching Me.
  7. T_T i tried the other options on the guide bt my internet became slow again.T_T.dunno wat happeni just follow the guide.help pls.
  8. Tnx Bro.It Has Increase Just Lil Bit But Its Kinda Ok.Il Just Try The Other Options On The Guide.Tnx Again..
  9. error.cant add u.add me instead.my ym. lynxtrem
  10. Canopy Webpage?Sory i dunno that either.T_T.Wats The Example?
  11. Waw This Sux.I Just Reformat My Pc Then My Speed Connection Suddenly Became So Slow.Any Smart Agent Out There.Nid Help.Pls Fix My Internet.Anyone Feel Free To Help Also.Tnx.
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