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  1. it goes back to the old settings because you only have 512 kbps aggregate and 500dl +500ul = 1000 is not valid because it should only have a total of 512 not 1000 btw, why did they give you a 512 kbps aggregate?? omg your unlucky peace!
  2. I could open my canopy by changing my ip address to, and by using the address obtained form the msdos command arp -a, which is Here's the problem....While exploring my canopy site( or whatever it is called), I became curious about the public / local stuff and the dhcp enable/disable.......so I set them to local and enabled (just experimenting..XD) I saved the changes and returned my ip address to obtain automatically.... I browsed again the net...blahblah blah.....and then I realized that changes I made was not beneficial (in terms of speed and quality
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