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  1. Very very funny guess what that was my post!!! I was really just trying to see how people like my new speed test that was all like on this site you can use testmy.net as a test server to put a speed test on your site but i couldn't ever to get it to work so I made my own and I thought maybe others would like to know how thanks!!!

  2. Hello all I am happy to say that my speeds should be getting better the 26 of this month because I up to the pro package at sbc so my speeds should be form 1.5mbs - 3mbs and thats fast for me since I have only got around 340 now even know i am supposed to get up to 1.5mbs now but I have never got even 1mbs but anyway. I was wondering how ca3le did it and what kind of advertising he used thanks!!!

  3. Well I am sorry to ca3le I just wanted to know if peope like it and ylu also offer a speed test to put on peoples site and I could never get it to work so I found another and I thought others might do same. Also I am sorry about my line to my server it is not the best but I have upgraded to a faster line and it should be in effect the 26 thanks also I am getting faster speeds now so try it again thanks and the server is located in oklahoma thanks!!!!

  4. I have a dlink and I agree it is pretty much crap because like I said it is blocking me from running any kind of server through it. I have put the server in dmz zone to and still it blocks it I have also setup port forwarding and it still blocks it it is a peace of crap I agree!!!!

  5. I see all of you people speed and can't wait until I get my cable but I can't get it now because the cable box would be in the way of the constrution of are two new rooms or one room and a ad in for the other I can't wait my room will be alot bigger and then I can get cox finaly but not no because were they would put it would be in side my future room so I have to wait but I can't wait even know I will be losing all of my cool things through sbc like 2gb email and more but I care more about speed actually I could upgrade to a faster sbc service hey thats a good idea ok well bye!!!

  6. Ocatch sucks theres ads all over there servie and they have a file size limit of about .5mbs. I also was like you guys until I found www.100webspace.com were they offer no file size limit and alot of free features like php and databases but there servers are not always up but there ok just check them out thanks!!!!

  7. I happen to be the owner of a hosting company and a few other companys. I have not heard of such a company but I was wondering what you were trying to do with the storage and bandwitch since I maybe able to supply you with what you ask thanks!!!

  8. I was talking to t a friend and he said that they made dual processor speed pcs so I went looking for one and I found one but amd then I decided since I know servers have multiple cpu to look at them. So I did and I put on together with 4 or Quad cpu running at 3.4ghz and some of the ones I saw had 4mbs buffer on the cpus so I thought DAMMMM!!! Then I looked at the ram and DAMMM AGAIN some up to 64gbs of ram but the only problem was that the ram on all of them were like 233 or 200 or something not like mine 400 and so I thought that wasn't good. But I figured and calculated and for 2-3 thousand I could put me together a server or pc with 4 3.4ghzs cpu running with 4mbs buffer and about 4gbs of ram that would still leave me the ability to later and more ram up to 32gbs or 64gbs and I wa thinking sounds very good since I know alot of people who spend about 2000 on a new pc anyway with on cpu and about 4 max ram so I was thinking would it be worth putting one together for myself since the ram is like 200/233 not 400 like my other!!! I was also thinking about just buying a new board that supports 4 cpus and alot of ram so I can almost always upgraade if I want what do you think?

  9. As alot of you know I have a server setup but when I plug it into the router it does not work because the router blocks it and I have tried everything opening ports and all and it still blocks it. So what I was wanting to do since I can't fix it is buy a new network card so I can have to network adapters or connections one on the motherboard and one on pci. I was wondering if with the two if I could take one from the dsl modem and hook it up to the pc and then use the other port and hook it to the router and still be able to have the internet on my pc and everyone through the router after can anyone help me thanks!!!

  10. no a good speed is about 5mbs all around or up and down witch is about what my school has maybe more because people were on it so it changed some eveytime. But that as a upload is very fast wish i had that, and theres were probably faster because there were probably alot of people on it.

  11. Yes I know but if you don't remeber I was always tell you all how i have the 1.5mbs dsl and I never get usaully more than 350kbs so that speed is good sometimes for short times I have gotten 750kbs so 800 is a new recrd and you all probably have cable right I am already about to upgrade if sbc does not give me at least 1.5mbs witch is what I pay for.

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