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  1. Very very funny guess what that was my post!!! I was really just trying to see how people like my new speed test that was all like on this site you can use testmy.net as a test server to put a speed test on your site but i couldn't ever to get it to work so I made my own and I thought maybe others would like to know how thanks!!!
  2. Dam it I just want to interact with someone on one of my sites but noone ever goes to it or if they do don't post!!!!
  3. I found this at [snip] it's talking about the best isp can you give me your ideas thanks!!!
  4. Hello all I am happy to say that my speeds should be getting better the 26 of this month because I up to the pro package at sbc so my speeds should be form 1.5mbs - 3mbs and thats fast for me since I have only got around 340 now even know i am supposed to get up to 1.5mbs now but I have never got even 1mbs but anyway. I was wondering how ca3le did it and what kind of advertising he used thanks!!!
  5. Well I am sorry to ca3le I just wanted to know if peope like it and ylu also offer a speed test to put on peoples site and I could never get it to work so I found another and I thought others might do same. Also I am sorry about my line to my server it is not the best but I have upgraded to a faster line and it should be in effect the 26 thanks also I am getting faster speeds now so try it again thanks and the server is located in oklahoma thanks!!!!
  6. No did nothing wrong that was just on a free server try this one www.shanee861.no-ip.com/myspeed and that should work it is on a dedicated server thanks!!!!
  7. If that one doesn't work try www.shanee861.no-ip.com/myspeed and this one is a dedicaded server.
  8. To cobra I am sorry I was working on it but it is up now thanks!!!
  9. I have just added a speed test to my site at this URL http://e.1asphost.com/shanee86/st/myspeed/ and I was hoping someone would try it out and tell me if they like it thanks!!!
  10. I have a dlink and I agree it is pretty much crap because like I said it is blocking me from running any kind of server through it. I have put the server in dmz zone to and still it blocks it I have also setup port forwarding and it still blocks it it is a peace of crap I agree!!!!
  11. Hey unstable what ISP do you have because I would love to know so I can upgrade and get those speeds!!!!
  12. I see all of you people speed and can't wait until I get my cable but I can't get it now because the cable box would be in the way of the constrution of are two new rooms or one room and a ad in for the other I can't wait my room will be alot bigger and then I can get cox finaly but not no because were they would put it would be in side my future room so I have to wait but I can't wait even know I will be losing all of my cool things through sbc like 2gb email and more but I care more about speed actually I could upgrade to a faster sbc service hey thats a good idea ok well bye!!!
  13. Ocatch sucks theres ads all over there servie and they have a file size limit of about .5mbs. I also was like you guys until I found www.100webspace.com were they offer no file size limit and alot of free features like php and databases but there servers are not always up but there ok just check them out thanks!!!!
  14. Yea well not to brag but I got 2gbs email and about 610mbs of online storage plus unlimited photo storage and free launch cast plus and alot more all through sbc yahoo dsl!!!!
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