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  1. Yeah I remember one of the first tips I had mentioned when I came here was making sure you were manually matched in speed. I had some serious problems when I was setting up a cluster, where one node kept falling off. Luckily I had a managed switch that had event logs that gave me a rough idea of where to look to solve my problem. Switching to 100 full fixed everything. But still, the article does talk about crappy drivers causing slow downs. Perhaps this is why you may see a massive increase using Linux over windows...or vice versa (in some instances).
  2. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1777452,00.asp Pertains to poorly written NIC drivers that slow everything down alot... There's also some info about a new 10GB adapter
  3. I think the logo rocks but the "S" (from test) seems like it should be a little higher because it looks cut off. that's my .02
  4. this actually is doable. We used to do this alot with Dells and machine upgrades, using disk copy over to the new machine--boot it up, lots of pop-up baloons asking for drivers, give it the drivers and you're done. I don't do this anymore, fresh install all the way. As much as I hate installing new machines, I don't see where you'd want to take a brand spanking new box and try half-assing the OS install by swapping the disk. that's just me though
  5. Nice...Davey is on deck. Welcome Aboard bro.
  6. I actually gave linux a fair shot about 2 months ago...well, maybe it has progressed enough in the past 7 years to deserve a fair shot finally. I tried a bunch of different distros "SUSE" (which I think is what Novell owns now) was not one that I tried. Mandrake, Ubuntu, FreeBSD (unix actually), OpenBSD, Slackware, Debian--and probably more than I can't remember, but I ended up settling on Fedora Core 2. When FC3 came out I tried that---and it disappointed me, so I'm back with FC2. I got Xorg 6.8 loaded which does drop shadows and transparent windows. The NVIDIA video driver works
  7. any quality music store will let you try an instrument before you buy it. In fact I would say, if you're ever in a position to purchase an instrument and they WON'T let you try it, it's probably not a very reputable business and/or it's not an instrument that you want to buy. I used to play Cello too, before that; violin, but I never learned to read music for a guitar, I just used tablature---and started playing by ear, which I'm definitely a proponent of. I don't think that notes on paper really conveys what is being played as well as if you listened and messed around and figured it ou
  8. I disagree with ecliptic. I haven't played seriously in years but I started playing when I was about 7..my father taught me much. Acoustics are PERFECT for a beginner, because the strings are much heavier than that of an electric guitar, the frets are more pronounced and the action is set higher. Action is the distance the strings sit off of the frets... what does this all mean? It is VERY difficult to fret chords and builds tremendous hand and finger strength. Keep this in mind because in the end it will pay off, but for a beginner it's going to be discouraging. Now as far
  9. Luckily the mods don't have the power to ban other mods, only the Admin has that mojo...otherwise I'm sure those rat bastards would have been done with me several days ago... So it was a definite resignation...I'm just waiting for Abit Marketing to make my dream a reality. He may not flip the switch...and hope I cool off...
  10. not you JSCUSTOM...Ricky and his gang...even though I think you did get your ass kicked alot in high school. j/k.
  11. absolute power corrupts absolutely. At least on my way out I did my best to let the members know that most of the mods are not working in their favor. It's nigh impossible to be the only person who sees through all of the bullshit and be taken seriously at the same time. It didn't take long for those assholes to spin doctor the entire situation and act like I was out of control...they went back and deleted the threads that showed perfectly well and clear what they were trying to do... It pisses me off more than I'd like to admit, but what can you do? Grin and bear it I guess.
  12. Well maybe they tweaked something, I could have SWORN that Firefox was running slower...much slower and there was a thread here about it. I tested it myself many times and it ran slow. I even setup a linux box and tested it and it ran slow. I've got 1.0 on my linux machine now and it's BLAZING....I don't know...
  13. I just turned in my mod card over at Abit-Forums. Been a member there for 2 years or better. The fuggin mods there are out of control. Starting shit with people and then when members call them on it, they target those members to be banned. Then a few of the dumbass mods want to change shit with the forum for their own SECRET reasons and they don't even want to give the members a chance to put their opinions in. I got sick of it and resigned. Over Zealous assholes who used to get their asses kicked on a daily basis in high school who are mods...whose only sense of power comes
  14. I think I may have mentioned this before.... I'm going to attach a HOSTS file that has a BUNCH OF SHIT in it directed to, it will kill an assload of advertisements and BREAK alot of spy/adware if you ever get it on your computer by accident. All you have to do is download this file and either replace your current c:windowssystem32driversetchosts with this file, or if you think I'm a l337 h4x0r---take a look at the file, copy the contents and paste into your hosts file. If you guys keep adding to this-post back and we'll make the list even more complete.
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