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  1. True that, only a large enterprise with thousands of servers would benefit from this rich bandwidth. The last I checked for a T3 was $190,000 per month but cost may have went down. Now for OC192-256, how much are the cost for these circuits anyways?
  2. My bad. You're right T3's are 45mbps. In this case it would be considered an OC3. But I would love to get an OC192 though. Hehehehehe.
  3. My Yahoo Messenger name is, Pentrix2 If at a point it becomes 200+ mbps available then it's like a T3 line.
  4. This sucks big time. I had a feeling they will do the wealthier counties. I know for a fact they got Silver Spring, Maryland. By a year or 2 I hope cable (mainly comcast) cost will get lower and faster.
  5. My plans was to get the $49 plan for 15/2. I might as well invest an extra $10, but whats the speed on the down and up? It's definitely worth it then I'll use zoneedit.com or dyndns.org.
  6. I want to get Verizon Fios but before I do I want to ask those existing Fios customers. Currently I have Comcast cable internet which I run vpn to my network at home that has a website I'm hosting and a exchange server I'm running as a messaing system. Do you know are these ports blocked on Verizon fios? Port 80, 443, 25, GRE, 1723, and 21.
  7. Anyone know when they will put FIOS in Baltimore, Maryland (zip code: 21223) I am in dying need of this fast service. I also run a network from my home with vpn passthrough, mail server and web server. Anyone know they allow this or has blocked out these ports?
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