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  1. Dang. I don't even know how to access my drivers. w00. Too much of a Linux n00b. I'll go Google those things. And, how's the manual config?
  2. Grargh. It just doesn't work. Maybe my connection was already 'accustomed' to my laptop, neh? I really couldn't get it to connect to my Ubuntu. Could someone post details on how to set it up? Maybe change the MAC address? LOL. I dunno. I even tried connecting it to my DSL [Damn Small Linux <50MB] LiveCD, and it still won't connect. Is it me, or am I doomed not to experience Smart BRO on my Linux distros? *And yeah, I already pre-ordered 8.04. I always see to it that I have a copy of the new versions LOL.
  3. I think the second canopy antenna is bought from some guy selling them. They're all the craze now, selling Bro antennas. But hey, Canopy antennas can be bought at Motorola. I have heard of this, but I can't find dealers here in the Philippines. LOL.
  4. WHAAAAAT?!! How... why... graargh. Configure the LAN Connection setting to obtain IP Address and DNS automatically? Neh? OK. I don't get it. You're trying to say that I need to buy a hub so that I wouldn't go for the hassle of switching the RJ11 back and forth between the laptop and the desktop? But wouldn't that compromise my speed? Suggestion noted. And oh, how do you do that configure the LAN [insert tech thingies here]? I really don't get that part. Like.... WHAAAAAT?!
  5. LOL. Forgot about that. Editing. Sorry. EDIT: Edited. LOL.
  6. Here's the kwento. SmartBro works fine when connected to the laptop, since was where it was first configured. Now, I assert to those technicians [?] to set it also to my desktop PC running Wind0ze. Tragically, things began to change when I couldn't get Bro working on teh desktop PC. LOL. I couldn't access the Bro Portal or the Canopy config itself, for that matter. And to think that the two monitors on my systray are lighted up. Wah. I have decided to change to Ubuntu Feisty. Since I have two hard drives on my CPU, it's just a matter of switching the IDE cable. But then again, Ubuntu was not configured by the technicians [?] when they were here. Bottomline: 1. How do I fix Bro on my desktop PC running wind0ze? 2. How do I fix Bro on my Ubuntu Feisty? I'll wait for the replies. LOL. Thanks. And oh, if ever this thread happens to be redundant, please don't hesitate to PM me the link, then delete this thread.
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