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  1. The new 7000 series modems are supposed to be availale 9/1, you might want to check and see if your VAR has any info on those. The upload on the 7000's is a lot better than the 6000's.
  2. Actually Wildblue is on Anik F2 KA Band. BTW Direcway does not own any birds other than Spaceway 3 that will be launched sometime late next year.
  3. This just came out today. HNS is requireing every DirecWay installer to verify their information by 6-17-2005. Here is the email we got: From: Cliff Rees Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2005 8:13 AM To: Cliff Rees Subject: Authorized Installer Information Verification and Update Website All, We are currently showing an absolutely huge number of authorized installers in our system. The number is so large that we know there is no way that it is up to date and accurate. We continue to have the requirement from the FCC to ensure that we know who installed every site and that every site be installed by a trained and certified installer. We also know how difficult it is to distribute Field Service Bulletins, Installation Specs, Program and Product updates and other miscellaneous information to so many people. So we want to clean up the database a little bit while at the same time capture updated information on our authorized installers. And the way I see it, is that if our Distributors, VARs and Powered by Partners can't easily get this requirement to them, then it is highly unlikely that other updates are going to them either. So we are requiring that every single authorized installer (i.e. has an HNS provided installer ID) go on to the link below and provide an update on their personal information. Again, this is required to be done by all installers who are conducting DirecWay installations for us, VARs, Powered by Partners and any other programs that are using the DirecWay shared NOC. We also feel this update is important as we prepare for the launch of the DW7000 and DW7700. Please ensure this link gets to all of the dealers and installers can reach out to on regular field updates. Installers will have until June 17, 2005 to complete the short questionnaire on the attached link. It should not take an installer any more than 5 minutes to complete. Any installer who has not logged in and provided the required information will be deactivated as an installer and will no longer be authorized to perform any DirecWay installations. The only information an installer will need to log in is their installer id number. Here is the URL: http://DirecWaysurvey.hns.com/1is/installer1.htm PM's, please ensure all VARs and Powered by Partners who are doing their own installations gets this requirement as well as their installer id's will be locked as well if they do not complete the information on the website. Thank you for your cooperation. Cliff Rees Field Services
  4. Yes, I have seen and installed several of the 7000 modems. I may be new to this forum but I have been a member of others for a longer time. I have also done VSAT installations for HNS since 1988. Currently there are two types of modems being tested, the 7002 that has 1 ethernet port and 1 VADB (modem) port, and the 7700 that has 2 ethernet, 1 VADB and 1 Serial port. Both types are in various Alpha and Beta test programs now. From the testing I have done the 7000's are faster than the 6000's. At this time there is not much more I can say, however you should see these modems in the field within the next few months.
  5. Well if you had ever seen a 7000 work you would know why.
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