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  1. So I looked around the forums a bit and found didn't find anything yet. I really post much, but I really like this site. I've used it enough. Anyhow so in the mailboxes area is the little note to have friends sign up because Testmy.net is all referrals. Well I thought about it and after my deliberations felt I would be glad to ask some friends to sign up. I told them to put my name in the referral box when they sign up. They said there was no referral box? Either way, maybe I am mistaken, but minimally I would like to see, just personally how many and who joined because of my meager efforts. Something like that would be nice. Thx.
  2. mmm was trying to place a flash object in the code and messed up. accidentally pressed post here lol. thanks for the welcome.
  3. Hey just sayin hi. I signed up a bit ago and didn't post and tought I ought to! Yay. I think I am pleased as I went to check the speed and yay. decent for my area [snip] edit removed broken external link
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