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  1. thanks, but i don't think that answer my question.... about what you are saying, i already asked a csr regarding that and its not possible.......... is there any one here can help me??? i tried a solution, that worked to me but its as long you're canopy is connected with the based station.... is there anyone here can give me tutorial about arp.... there is anything something about arp config to access internet.....
  2. i used to be subscribed to smart wifi..... and upgraded to smartbro.... installers, changed my canopy and gave it to me...... that installation is done on a cellphone repair shop.... i'm now thinking of using the removed canopy at home... it is possible to use it at home at configure it maybe as a clone of my internet account at shop??? or is there a [snip] to use a free internet at home since there is a [snip] to use disconnected subscription..... i tried to install it at home since i'm facing a smart cell site and my neighbor's canopy is facing that direction.
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