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  1. it's ok even our english is not okay the point is atleast we try. and the first reason why we're here is to learn from our fellow computer experts to fix some common problems. enjoy our staying pipz! ^^
  2. Yup it's ok now! thanks for the help. there's another one which performs the same tasks. it's called noob killer. which of the two is the best? ^^
  3. wow! another useful software! but how can i use it? it's better maybe to discover it by myself. Thanks again coolbuster! I hope my folder option will be back...
  4. yup! try to post in english bro. i'm a filipino too but atleast I try because people here are english speaking. i mean almost all people here are english-oriented. hope you understand. enjoy our staying.
  5. Actually I experienced the same problem as you. And as soon as I knew this, I browsed in the net on how to stop command prompt from shutting down whenever I open cmd at run. I am very thankful to coolbuster for that useful tips. Actually I slightly changed the steps, instead of going to 'folder options' (becasue my folder option was deleted by a virus & I don't know how to fix it) I used WinRar Archive by doing this: right click on the desktop then point to new and browse the WinRar Archive and click it. After opening it browse the windows at drive c by looking in the dropdown arrow. Delete the suspected files then the rest I followed coolbuster's techniques. It's effective! Because of my enjoyment after finding this useful tips on this forum I registered as soon as possible. Thanks to the people here who are professionals when it comes in solving computer problems. ^^
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