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  1. That may apply to brand new sytems bought directly from Hughes but it doesn'r apply to used or even new systems bought on line ( e-bay etc ) .... and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to install set-up and aim the dish Iv'e done it myself before and I'm sure my friend in Nicaragua could do it too if we knew which satellite to use Thanks for the info but remember I said " forget about that it's not allowed "
  2. Have a Direcway DW7000 system commisioned to SATMEX-5, operating quite a bit south of the border. Works great despite being told it would never work. Direcway used to have a dual system whereby you could also get Direct TV on the same dish as Internet ...... apparently no longer sold by Direcway. However, have seen add-on ( clamp-on ) LNB's on a sliding bar sold aftermarket ( e-bay etc. ) that are suppposed to bring in Direct TV Any advice on where to get these units and the feasibilty of being able to receive the TV signal south of the border ( remember Internet wasn't supposed to work either, but it does ) How difficult is it to install one of these units onto a .74M dish with a 40mm clamp and is there a list somewhere on line of Direct TV satellites and their footprints. Thanks
  3. O.K. .... just joined and had a little trouble figuring out how to post
  4. Your post is old ..... do you still want to sell ? Where are you, how much are you asking, what is included, which satellite are you commissioned to, and would you be willing for me to take oover yyour contract ?
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