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  1. im running windows xp pro , with service pack 2 , and have got all the updates , i did disable my norton ,.bt i cnt disable my hardware firewall lol , so wud u say my speed is okish? i connect at 2.2mbs; bt i get slow speeds sometimes like speeds of 250k? n i heard of someone whether its true or not , that he gt 700k a second download speed on his 2 mb n i kinda find that hard 2 believe , coz if u do teh maths behind it 2272 divide 8 = 284k , so 284kbs will be the fastest download speed he will get at a constatn stayin arnd that speed. n i thort if he downloads at 700k he wud b on what 700k
  2. right erm iv recently got 2mb broadband from BT Yahoo! iv gt my microfilters in n everything my modem is a 'Bt Voyager 205 adsl router' thing with this is , i dnt dial up the thing is constantly on and connected,its gt an ethernet port at teh back swel of it., iv gt a hardware firewall on swel n my norton 2005 internet security , My recieve data rate is 2272 k (what i connect at) n my transmitt data rate is 288. i jst installed teh drivers to it , coz i dnt like teh software , it installed my router and in , my connections it says network conneted ; from this i typed in my router ip number i
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