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  1. Kiro2mio

    Speed test

    Hi there I have a question about Dsl and Cable.Ok what you thinkwho is better cable or dsl? Fixed your quote
  2. Kiro2mio

    Speed test

    :angel:Thanks a lot for many tips you gave me and i will proceed the instructions and God bless you.
  3. Kiro2mio

    Speed test

    Thanks to tell me about the test that I forgot to post here and the specs of my PC.OK the speed that I have is 6 Megs download and 512bps.Now is ruining at speed 4.9 Megs download and 402.9 bps check no bugs or virus and my specs of my PC are:(1)OS XP PRO SP2 Version 2002 (2)AMD Athlon 64 bit Processor 3700+ 2.21 ghz (3)Kingstons Hyper 1.5GB of ram physical address extension (4)EVGA Nvidia Ge force 7800 GT 256 Mb 256 bit GDDR33 PCI-Express -express(5) DVD burner 20x SATA Sony (6) Western Digital Hard drive WD740 74Bytes 10,000 RPM (7) Asus A8N-SLI socket 939 Nvidia nforce4 SLI ATX AMD motherboard ( Power supply Xion Real Xon ATX12v v.2.01 (600) watts
  4. Kiro2mio

    Speed test

    Hi everyone I have a new isp at Jacksonville florida that was bellsouth and now at&t and they have this program to their speed test call speed.fastaccess.com and they allways said that my speed is ok but I lag in every game online that I have but my PC is good in everything so far.They make me run a test with their program and everything is ok with my speed and they said my pc is bad,if they come to my house they will charge me $80.00 to say my pc is bad.Thats for reading this post and please someone give me a hint on this and thanks.
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