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  1. Hey thanks! I finally got up the intestinal fortitude to call tech support today and as you say, I was told it was my computer...and that made no sense at all. The services was up and running for about an hour this evening and has gone down again. But at least there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel....and thanks again.... Fixed your quote...
  2. I've been using Outlook Express all along, but have resorted to webmail, which I don't care to use. So far today I have been able to receive about 20 emails, but have not been able to send out a single one. It's never been this bad before. Have latest anti-virus updates and ran program - nothing found. Guess I need to call tech support. <sigh> Thanks
  3. I'm not certain how to respond to a response to my query, so hope this works! I have no idea if I'm on SatMex5 or ???? It was installed 5 Jan 05.
  4. New here and need some help. I have had the dw6000 for 2 months and really love it. We live out in the boonies, in a valley with the Sierras to the west and foothills to the east. Our satellite signal is about 45 on average, but figured we aren't in the best access point. Definitely have off and on problems with storms or heavy rain clouds over the mountains. For the past week or so, my email has been iffy at best. I can receive most of the time but sending seems to happen maybe once a day. I assume I need to talk to the support folks, but that can be a challenge at times. Is there anything I can do at this end other than calling for support? Thanks Chili
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