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  1. MSN Maps said I was 4 miles - dslreports.com says that I'm 10,180 feet, so divided by 5280 that leaves me 1.928 miles away. Haven't called the phone company yet though. Still, my question remains - how far is too far to get the 3MB download speed? Thanks for the responses, I'll be checking back with Verizon tomorrow.
  2. I looked up my CO on DSL Reports and it shows as being 4 miles away. I know right where its at right down the street and doubt that it is really that far. How much closer do you have to be? I can't imagine that even 50% of households are that close to the CO.
  3. I called up Verizon today and asked to upgrade from the 1.5/128 to the 3.0/768. I was told that "at this time your line does not qualify" and on further investigation they told me that I'm too far from the CO. They did bump my upload to 384 from 128 but I wanted the 3.0 download. How can they do mass advertising of 3.0 if they can't deliver it?
  4. Ok, so my speed measures at 1.4 MB as it has been for a while. But, my connection seems to suck, can't play Enemy Territory anymore and just seems shoddy. So I call up Verizon and the lady that answers the phone says that I MUST have a virus (surprise) since my computer is sending out more information than I'm accepting. So I make her run the line test again and it reads the same. Simple logic would point to the fact that there is a problem with their line but they insist not. They say that since my alarm system doesn't have a DSL filter it is "compromising" my line. Funny how it hasn't for the last 1.5 years but it does today. So, they want to send out a technician to put a filter outside the house and "isolate" a jack inside the house for the DSL line which they couldn't explain what that meant. I'm planning on calling up to upgrade to the 3/768 package but are they just completely wacked or does this make sense? thx
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