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  1. * bump seriously, anybody a mac guru with some serious thought on what I wrote? and bytheway, I cant do the thing on the mac because I dont know what programs to use. arghhhhh. please help me to get back into the canopy!!!
  2. I should mention, Im on a mac OSX machine. any mac gurus out there able to help me please? I mentioned that even though I have changed the DHCP setting in the canopy SM, internet still works fine, and I dont want to mess with much anyway. I simply want to get my webcam working. is that possible with the 999p smartbro wifi residential plan? do smartbro wifi open any ports for even trying to do redirection? I have "ip internet webcams" . they dont even need a computer attached. they just need the live internet connection and port forwarding activated. cheers
  3. so anyway, I use to be able to access my canopy at etc, but when I was having connection difficulties one frustrating day, I changed the DHCP setting to enable or something like that. anyways, it actually was a line of sight issue, so that setting was unecessary to touch. problem is, now, i cant access the SM at that above address. everything still works fine and im on the internet browsing right now etc. well, anyways, I just want to get back into the webpage of the canopy SM and have a look around because I want to have a webcam sending out video, so I guess I need to open s
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