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  1. i would but i dont know how to do that. lol im a noob
  2. but in my CSS menu there is a video stress test and i did that and i would peak 300 and my average was 129 but for some reason i dont get close to that in game
  3. the server i connect to is about 30 miles from my house and i know they havent moved the server but for some reason my FPS has dropped and my ping has gone up. i went to [this.site.has.been.blocked.for.spamming] and when i got done the numbers were DL: 10189 kB/s UL: 1001 kbs Ping: 41 miles: ~50 and the charter server i connect to for my internet is about 10 miles from my CSS server so i dont know what all is going on. could it beed my ISP doing work on their end?
  4. hey guys i know im new but i have a few questions about my FPS I've been getting lately. the main game i play is Counter Strike Source and for some reason out of no where i am getting a drop in my FPS and a raise in my ping but im talking to my ISP about that at the moment but i just need help with my Video problems. the computer itself is fairly new and i tried downloading the new drivers but they didnt seem to help, just make my FPS fall even more. so here are the specs and if you guys could fill me in on what i could do to fix it. usually i will get about 60-90 fps and sometimes spiking at 120 and i was getting a min of 120 ish a few weeks ago before my computer updated itself. and if it would be worth just upgrading to a different video card or maybe overclocking mine a lil since i did add another fan by my video card. thanks for the help guys
  5. yeah im having the same problem in texas and i have charter 10m service and i called them after doing a speed test cause i was getting 3m download and half a mg upload and for some reason within the last month or so my ping went from 0-5 to 35-45 and i didnt do anything to change my settings. i dont have spyware running or non of that and the server i was getting that ping on is about 30 min from my house and i called charter and they fixed my upload without reseting my router but my ping is high and he said if it doesnt go down in a few weeks to call them back. but from what i have seen there are a lot of people having trouble with charter lately... can anyone help me out. im running vista but that should make a difference. should i try downloading the new drivers for the netgear router??? so many things i just want my ping to go back down since im seeing lag even with that ping.
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