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  1. http://www.itelite.net/site/parabolic58ghz.html#par PARABOLIC ANTENNNA 5.8 GHz that's the one i'm talkin about.
  2. So do you think i should just call the wireless internet company? They can come out to my house and check for avalibility for free!! So i think i will do that. Hey does anyone know how fast dsl,cable.idsn is expanding? because i live 6 miles out of town in the country there is a lot of huge houses out here i wonder why they haven't put our area in their target market? But anyways i dunno imma go later
  3. Thanks For the input, Sould be plenty enough to get a signal, or atleast i hope. i'm about 3 1/2 4 miles away from a 200 ft wireless tower. i hope it works they offer 1.5mb/1.5mb for 30$ a month. Welp Thanks again.
  4. Ok There is wireless internet in my area. But i am just out of the serveice area. THe guy said if i could get a tower i could have service. he said even a tall tree would work. Think there is anyway i can get something like a tower but not have to pay the 1500 dollars for a big tower? Thanks for any help you can give me. im on satellite and i need atleast 150k upload to game .
  5. Would this increase my dial-up speed/ online gaming ping?
  6. Is it true ????????????? Is there going to be broadband offered over the electric line ??????? anyone have an ideal of how far it will span? well tell all you know about eletric broadband.
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