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  1. OK so it ended up being my mobo so i got a new one (striker 2)everything works good now got a good claim on the power supply manufactures thx alot for all your help
  2. oh and by the way i wasn't playing a high powered game like crisis or anything it was on screensaver how strange hay
  3. OK so there are no warning beeps the fans on both the video cards are working and the processor fan is running as well
  4. i agree with most other replies it is NOT POSSIBLE they have to be same hardware and brand (such as asus,gigabyte etc.)
  5. hi folks i am not a retard when it comes to computers. i have built several systems but i would like some opinions. i was stupid enough to put a 800w power supply into my high powered machine (6gig processor,4gig ocz platinum ram,sli 9800 gx2 graphics cards,) and soon enough there was a loud explosion and my power supply blew up so i went i bought a new power supply a 1000w this time installed it turned the computer on all the fans and everything was working fine hardware wise. but nothing AT ALL appeared on my monitor i have tryed different cables and monitors but still nothing. i have
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