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  1. Hey Pixy et al, Great to find a bunch of like minded folks??? 7 well brained and educated grandchildren keep me on my toes, have traveled for the last 4 months to see them all; while I was gone wildlife inhabited my home....I am staying with friends until I feel I am alone when sleeping there (no scritchy scratchies). Not anybody's expertise here, but I do hate to kill living things, no matter how they impact me, except maybe cockroaches. For some reason, they stay clear of me.......my old 2000 computer works well, thanks to daughter/friend. My newer XP 'bout 4 years old) is totally messed up...not just me who uses it...PICKED AVATAR, reminds me of me, 40 some odd years ago......Huggles, Grandma ELlie
  2. I typed a note, hit a key to send and lost it all!!!!!! ARGGGHHH....Huggles, Ellie
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