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  1. yes that is the default address for all routers. I am still stuck unfortunately. The only way i found that I could get into the linksys router was to disconnect the verizon westall. and that would let me into the Linksys. I am still confused in what to do. I tried the steps from above but no change still. I know the Ethernet port i ran to the backroom works cause if I go straight into my xbox everything works. if i go into the linksys it finds network but cannot connect to the internet. its frustrating since I know it can be done i am just missing something. I thank everyo
  2. this is simple. Take a ethernet cable from the last port on the verizon router and plug it into the wan on the linksys. Put the linksys in automatic DHCP, and turn the firewall off on the linksys, and make sure UNPN is on. "After that you should have a internet connection on the linksys router. Plug your xbox into it and there should be no problem playing. if you do have an issue connecting to games, Put the linksys router in the DMZ in the verizon router" ======================================================================================== I hope it is simple. I am not a
  3. Hello everyone, Newbie here and I appreciate any help I can get. OK this is my set up as of right now. I have a Verizon dsl using a westell 327w wireless router. All 4 ports and 1 wireless connection. the 4 ports are set up this way: 1 port directly to the PC next to the router. 3 others hard wired ports run down to back of house: 1 of the 3 ports to another PC 2 port run to my HD receiver 3 port run to my XBOX the wireless is connected to my WII OK so thats all 4 ports used. My last port that i ran to the jack for my XBOX, I also ha
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