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  1. Good question. Well Hughes customer service was horrible, their first tier tech support seemed like it was in another country. The would promise tech support calls back by certain dates which never came and you would have to go through the whole problem again from the beginning with that. The run around they gave us was ridiculous. The only time we ever got real help was to FAX a letter to their headquarters, you couldn't even call them! We had problems the whole 2 years we had the service, never once did they offer a tech to come and look at our install or equipment to see if that was the pro
  2. Hi, I am new here. I am a Wildblue customer that just switched about 3 weeks ago from Hughes Satellite. I love the testmy.net speed tests that also keep my history. That is great when I will need that ongoing information for their tech support. I am sure I will have to be contacting them a lot about the constant evening slow connections that they bottle neck. Debbie
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