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  1. wheres the edit button? anyway, i got my ip adress now (climbed the canopy then convert it to a calculator) i still cant acces my canopy using as well as the 163. somthing like that any comments on how to solve this problem? kindly help me Ty
  2. it started on nov. 14 2008, i had problems connecting to the internet and then i opened the canopy using ive done that on the past and worked. but now, i forgot my IP address and the arp -a wont display any of the 10.x.x.x anymore. the reason why i want to go to my canopy is that i suddenly changed the DHCP somthing lick that on ENABLED and the priority is set to low priority and the up and downlink was 300 i want to tweak them ryt now, can anybody help?? and i had to call the smart bro hotline to fix my connection because it cant connect to the net for a week so n
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