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  1. why is it that whenever I get on the test automaticlly page that it will not maximize??? Is it my computer or what Please explain or better yet tell me how to maximeze the page so that I can get into all the settings Gerard
  2. I am new to all this So here goes . For two yrs I have been trying to get my explorer net sat. working . I have now been told that my download is ok but my upload is a problem . I have no choice since we live in rural Alberta . Also I bought a new computer (big mistake ) which gave me Vista home premium . Now look I am not trying to bad mouth anyone but in the past two yrs. all I have wanted was to be able to get on my computer & learn .Boy have I learned .I have over 75 hrs with the sat people & 60hrs with dell . Is there anyone out there that can talk plain language & help me get this computer to work like the old one did when we lived in the city?? I have added 4GB of memory & I still can't download programs Oh well enough of this I sound like I'm whinning . Hello to all P.S. I don't even know where to go to get answers anymore . Just call be confused or Gerard Thank You!
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