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  1. I will try that then. thanks all
  2. It is not on mute the volume is at 100% yet when I play a video no sound come out. If I use headphones I do hear a LITTLE bit but barely. what's wrong? Is there something wrong with the sound card or something?? How do I fix it (any way I could do it myself easily?)? Because restarting doesn't work.
  3. okay I want to install this package thing called MyBB and it's a discussion board....anyways you're supposed to install it and I still have no clue what to do so I download it, and unzip it right? Then what? It says to upload it to your web server. what does that mean?? this is the site I have to download from MyBB
  4. yes they are old, but one of them worked before.and there are other old CDs and they work..... my OS is Windows Vista Home Premium I guess it must be because they are old
  5. so you're saying it won't work on Windows Vista? :/
  6. I am trying to download Operation Neptune but no matter what site I find I have to extract it and I do but then I don't know what to do next!!!!!!!!
  7. I have a CD rom that reads Operation Neptune and when I put it in my computer nothing comes up. I have another disc called Math 9-12 and when I put it in there it works but nothing comes up when I clicked on Install I tried again a different way and it says Installer not available. what does that mean??
  8. For a project at school I have to construct 2 graphs. About 2 months ago I did a similar project with using graphs and all that. well the problem is the date and time (x-axis) for this project is completely wrong, I have the time as 3/--/10 2:00 AM or PM and it shows 3/--/10 12:00 AM/PM. No matter WHAT I do, it doesn't change at all.... now for the previous problem I did not have that problem at all. It was a dual axis graph I'm not sure if it's because of that, that is making the problem.... How do I solve this? I need to fix it by Friday, and I have no idea how. the graph doesn't look right :/ PLEASE REPLY BEFORE FRIDAY!!!!!!
  9. jchen

    Windows Sidebar

    whatever button that says windows sidebar doesnt work for me. nothing comes up at all.
  10. jchen

    Windows Sidebar

    I clicked on sidebar in the search results but nothing came up
  11. jchen

    Windows Sidebar

    I have Windows Vista, and I've always had the Windows sidebar until a few months ago it suddenly vanished and never came back. I tried restarting the computer, because usually if I restart it, it comes back, but ever since it never came back. I went to the control panel, personalization and appearance and clicked on the option for windows sidebar, but nothing happened. WIll I ever get the sidebar back? I appreciate your help
  12. jchen


    welcome, green1706
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