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  1. Hi all, I'm having an issue with my download speed. Now I have tried it two different ways and a big difference. Here is my set up. 1-Motorola cable modem 1-linksys wrg54gs wireless router with speed booster dell latitude d-800 laptop. Now when i run the download speed test here using wireless I get 1929 Kbps or 1.9 Mbps (235 kB/s) Now if i hook up my Ethernet cable I get 6570 Kbps or 6.6 Mbps (802 kB/s) My wireless connection is 54.0Mbps signal strength excellent status connected I'm just at a lost here trying to figure out why such a big difference. I have gone through and rebooted the modem,router and computer and still same results. Any help will be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance, Gabe
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