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  1. ok that explanation I totally understand lol don't get me wrong...I am NOT a dumb woman, just not a techie so to speak. thank you for all of your help with this matter! I was about to :knuppel2:wildblue
  2. Ahhhh...ok gotcha! Sucks that they charge you for videos, movies & software updates though. Guess I will remove all that Thank you soooo much for your help!!! I have even upgraded from the middle package to the Pro package & am having this problem. maybe they didn't upgrade me like they were supposed to?
  3. ok thank you! I wasn't aware that watching movies or videos would cause this. anything I can do to fix this?
  4. I tried logging into my usage link or whatever it is & it keeps saying wrong password, even after resetting it. I am close to exceeding my bandwidth & Idk what to do.
  5. Sorry lol I am new to the world of highspeed. having had nothing but dial up til now. no one explained the whole bandwidth thing to me & now I get messages saying I am close to my threshhold. Idk what any of this means
  6. I have wildblue.net and I am having major bandwidth issues. any ideas?
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