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  1. I have about 40 tropical fish, mainly Silvertip tetras and Colombian Tetras.
  2. Yep, thats right, well done
  3. I'm not sure why it works for some people and not others? I could see someone was watching the camera as the router light was flickering.
  4. This is the correct address, please try it and you will see. leicestercity.viewnetcam.com It is being hosted by viewnetcam.
  5. Well my webcam has it's own ip adress so it just plugs into the router and can be accessed via the web. The address is leicestercity.viewnetcam.com no need for www.
  6. silvertip

    Hi peeps

    Hi i'm new here and glad i found ya. I'm running an I.P webcam showing off my fishtank. This is running via a D-Link router and i'd like to see how many people have visited my webcam. Is there any logging programmes that will keep a list of all these visitors, one that will work on a mac OS? Ta very much. Silvertip
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