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  1. how can i edit my canopy settings? or do it have like smartbro?
  2. verong0221


    i broke my windowsXP cd, and i can't format my computer. Could someone give me a link in downloading a windowsXp SP2? a reply would be much appreciated. Tnx..
  3. im using smartBro(ken) right now, and im planning to transfer to globe.. but my friends tell me that the globe broadband is more often broken than smartbro.. would u help me on this one? my location is on Tarlac..
  4. help me about my CDROM.. i dont know what to do with it, i tried updating it, but it tells me that my driver is updated.. i tried reinstalling it, but the same problem appears.. help pls
  5. how can i download the new canopy of smart bro? do u have links? thanks!
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