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  1. Xplornet has no monthly limit on their wireless because, at 0.9 Mbps, you could not possibly use too much data. Plus once you reach a variable limit you get slowed down even more depending on how busy the Xplornet network is at the time. Xplornet has received Millions of Dollars in Ontario and Alberta. With their business model they could not possibly make it without the granted money because their business model can't work. Just find out the cost of Motorola equipment and find out how much data costs to buy from the Ontario Hydro Fibre, then put that together with how much they charge, then how much they spend on advertising. They don't make money. Now they are talking about scrapping their Motorola equipment and going with something else to attempt to give faster speeds. Oh, and who do you think will pay for that? It will be the tax payers. Along with the grants they also get huge tax breaks that many others do not get. Xplornet is in bed with the provincial and federal governments. It is the only way they can possibly make it. All Canadians have to put their foot down to lower taxes by stop using all of these companies that are heavily funded by our tax dollars.
  2. I just wanted to post that I live in Northumberland County Ontario Canada. Xplornet advertises that they give up to 5 Mbps but it you look deep into their web site and then look for the fine print they actually only give you 0.9 Mbps and burst you to 5 for only a few seconds. That is outright lying. Airnet only advertises 2 or 3 Mbps which they will sustain and burst you even faster than their advertised speeds for a few seconds. Airnet's upload speed is about 10 times faster than Xplornet's upload speed as well. Shame on you, Xplornet, for your outright lies and stealing our tax money in the process. You are only concerned with getting free money and don't care about the people of Canada. Get out of our Country with your lies and quit stealing our money. Go somewhere with GM and Bell and lie to each other.
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