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  1. his first post was my last speed when im at Cavite, then here in Cagayan de oro the speed drop a half of its KBPS,
  2. Lucky location, Tweaks, Hack ( if you knew the risk) will give you satisfying results,
  3. "A Scale Factor (SF) is the amount between two objects". lets say i have a square the length of the square is 2cm, the top side is 4cm. Then lets say I have a new square. The length of the square is 4cm, the top of the square is 8cm. The SF would be 2. Because 2 times 2=4. And 4 times 2= 8. = P.S scale factor already multiplied. So you don't have to say times 2, then it would be times times 2. Hope this helps you, my friend
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    Im new here HI
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