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  1. Nice download speed. actually.. you can increased your Download speed by editing it in canopy... if you see in your canopy.. you can see that Download link is 500 and uplink is 500 which is default.. you can simply place 600 downloadlink 400 uplink.. its your choice...but im using the default one which is 500 to 500 =1000...
  2. i think your talking about DSL? this kind of connection is the fastest provider in my country...and i dont know what's next....
  3. Yup.. Yours is bigger than mine.. because im just using smartbroadband connection.. The maximum speed of this kind of broadband is only up to 384 Kbps.. And thanks for welcoming me... i appreciate it.. im happy..!!! i can change my download faster like 900 downlink uplink 100 = 1000 or i can change my downlink 700 uplink 300 = total of 1000 thats the process i used to make my internet connection faster.. By DEFAULT: 500 downlink 500 uplink = total of 1000. 1000 is the maximum capacity for me.. and i dont know why...
  4. hi.. new here... i know how to change my tower(server) and increased my download and upload. and also. proxies are important also.. just ask me if there's a problem about it ok? 1 thing.. ANyone knows how to access smartbro when your contract to smartbroadband is expired? that's i want to know.. thanks everyone!
  5. Here's mine! Whats yours topic.. im new here by the way.. i want to be a part of this group so i made this simple topic.. Just post your bandwidth speed and your internet provider here.. that's all.
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