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  1. Hi, I am going to put the "Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound" over my CPU in order to install the "Masscool 8WA741 - Processor cooler". Do you recomend to install the "Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound" in both sides (CPU and Processor Cooler)? or only over the CPU? Thank you
  2. Hi, I have Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz and the MB is Foxconn G33M02. Power Supply 300Watts I am going to install a HW upgrade in my computer with a new: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.88 Ghz and the MB is Foxconn G45M-S. Power Supply 400 Watts I want to know if I need to re-install again the Windows Vista Ultimate 64 in order to work correctly with the new HW or the OS is going to recognize and install the drivers automatically. Thank you.
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    Hi to all in the comunity. I am very happy because I think that I am going to learn a lot of things. Thank you for accept me to be part of the forum.
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